Depression: A disease of the modern age

Depression: A disease of the modern ageDepression: a disease of the modern age

Depression is it a defect in brain chemistry only?

Depression is a disease like other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatism and others, and if these diseases are organic and people rush to treat them, then we should know that depression is also a disease, but it is classified as a psychological disease and it needs effective treatment, so that the depressed person can get rid of This disease.
Also, we cannot describe this pathology as one of the signs of personal weakness or that it is related to the strength of will to overcome this disease that affects some, and treatment and going to the doctor should not be delayed, but like any other disease, depression cases are considered cases that need a therapeutic intervention and My behavior is also to get the patient out of the dark depression tunnel that it is difficult to get out of it on his own, especially after the specialists decided previously that depression is caused by a defect in the brain chemistry, so it is not reasonable to overcome a defect of this kind by force of will, for example!

But there are considered views that depression is not just a defect in the chemistry of the brain, see the following video


It is worth noting that cases of depression do not improve on their own and effective therapeutic intervention is necessary, and the absence of effective drug treatment may lead to a deterioration of the patient’s condition and the continuation of his suffering for several years, and medical studies indicate that providing appropriate treatment helps in treating more than 80 people. % Of cases of mental depression, which is a reassuring and promising rate for patients with mental depression.

Psychological depression is called “the disease of the whole body”, it is not only a psychological disease, but also affects all parts of the body, it affects a person’s sleep, food, and the way he thinks about himself and the things that surround him and are often The behavior of a depressed person is strange and contrary to his true personality before contracting the disease.

Everyone is at risk of developing mental depression

Anyone who is exposed to mental depression, due to various factors, regardless of the person’s gender, male or female, education, age, nationality, and even his standard of living, whether rich or poor, psychological depression can strike any of us suddenly, and it is not permissible. Confusion between mental depression as a disease that requires effective treatment and between normal bad moods or various life crises.


What are the prognosis of mental depression?

Depressed people and doctors alike may think at the beginning of the disease that it is related to a physical disease or the condition is diagnosed as a transient psychological crisis only, so it is necessary to consult specialist doctors who have the ability to accurately diagnose mental depression.
It should be known that in the absence of treatment of psychological depression, the patient will lose his ability to enjoy the joys of life as a minimum, and he may commit suicide in the worst cases.

A wonderful and translated educational video on depression, issued by the World Health Organization


The role of family, relatives and friends with a depressed patient?

Friends and relatives can help their loved ones with depression by dealing with them seriously and not ostracising them or despairing of their condition and behavior or accusing them of mental disorder and advising them to go to the specialist doctor in order to diagnose their condition and provide early treatment to them, and it is very important to know that you understand those around For a patient depressed because of his condition means the realism of dealing with the situation and providing the necessary assistance to the patient, and lack of understanding means of course that the situation worsens unfortunately.

Psychological depression has many faces

Most patients with mental depression go through one or more episodes of depression during their lifetime, which vary in duration and intensity. It may take several weeks or several months, and some patients may become depressed several times if they do not receive effective treatment. Some patients do not experience frustration and boredom during the fall and winter months, but rather depressive states.
And we cannot consider mental depression a disease that affects a certain age group, such as the elderly, only because it affects young people as well. People with mental depression may suffer from symptoms that differ in quality and severity, and its main symptoms are not always the loss of enjoyment of the joys of life only and the control of pessimistic thoughts over the patient. Some notice an absence of vitality, pleasure, activity, desire to work, and a loss of sexual desire, while others notice an unexplained state of anxiety and tension, difficulties in concentration, and panic attacks, which differ in intensity from person to person. And in the worst cases, the patient cannot carry out his daily activities in a normal and normal manner. Unfortunately, this disease has many faces.

Depression is a disease like all other diseases, and it is treatable
To treat depression, you should not be shy about going to a psychiatrist

There are many obstacles to a successful and effective treatment for mental depression, but most of them revolve around the patient himself:

Among these obstacles:

1- Failure of a depressed patient to realize the nature of his illness and leave matters to speculation or consider the disease as a type of weakness of personality or weakness of determination and will, all of which leads to postponing the desire for treatment
2- Ashamed to turn to a psychiatrist and fear of social stigma and “people talking”
3- Considering that depression and mental illness is an inevitable matter and issue, and it is a wrong perception. Religion and true law do not conflict with seeking treatment, medication and enjoying the joys of life.
4- The patient’s fear of drugs and psychological treatments, and their side effects, especially with the large number of rumors about these treatments and considering these drugs as dangerous chemical drugs and may lead to addiction, for example, and all of this is unjustified with medical supervision and follow-up by a specialized psychiatrist .
5- Resorting to charlatans, sorcerers, and charlatans, and this undoubtedly makes the matter worse, and leads to the patient falling into the trap of charlatanism and sorcery, and these, of course and without the slightest doubt, will make the matter worse by increasing the illusions of the patient

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